About Us

Our Story

The best business ideas are the ones everyone claims as theirs. We know we are not the first to waste an hour looking for that business card we thought we would never need again. Did I keep it? Where did I put it? Sounds familiar?

The components of a solution existed for a while, but nobody successfully put it together. After watching this video we decided not to wait for someone else to do it.

The Team

contactcard.me was founded by Joe DeWitt. As a technology veteran, Joe designed computer hardware, programmed firmware for military and commercial systems, architected complex enterprise software systems, assembled and manage engineering teams in South Africa, Malaysia, China, India and the United States.

Joe was blessed to meet many brilliant people along the way and lucky enough to have some of the best as advisors and board members. We are just getting started and can't wait to write the next chapter of our story.

The Business Card Cannot Be Killed